Sunday, December 30, 2012

This year, Casey and some of his friends took jobs as a Black Jack Dealers with Aces Wild for a few parties at South Fork and some hotels downtown.  He seemed to enjoy it - the hours were perfect for his schedule and the pay was decent.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

It's 21 degrees today, the day after Christmas.  I have the rest of the week off, but Chad had to go in, he always seems eager to fight the elements after a snow or ice storm, not sure what that is all about, but he assures me the sidewalks and streets are free of snow, and he will be very careful as he travels to work.

Christmas day was furiously wonderful as usual;  family, food, gifts, music and snow!!  What a great way to celebrate our Saviors birth!  In an effort to keep Christmas in perspective, we started drawing names a couple of years ago to help better manage our gift giving - Leo is excluded from that arrangement, as long as we don't buy too much or too big.  This year, as it turns out Matt drew Candice's name, her wish was that he would play his violin for us all.  Armed with a few refresher courses,  much courage  and trepidation, he donned his musicians cap (figuratively) and played several Christmas pieces, much to our delight!  I especially loved Leo's response, as soon as Matt set up his makeshift music stand and pulled the violin under his chin then drew the bow, Leo was mesmerized.  He immediately stopped what he was doing and just stood and watched his Dad play.  He then decided to sit with his Mommy and enjoy the concert with her.

We were all captivated by Matts performance.  No longer the hockey, football, bowling athlete in my mind, now a new vision of a musical Matt - what a great gift! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

We got to have Leo over last weekend for a sleepover while Candice and Matt went to a Christmas party.  We had such a good time with him, he loved the Christmas tree lights and had so much fun playing with the manager scene.  This manger scene has been an important part of our Christmas decorations for years.  So fun to see our little Grandson playing with the pieces, the same way his mommy and uncle Casey used to play with it.
He wanted to be wrapped in his blanket like the little red mouse beside him, and lay under the tree with him.  He is so much fun!!
After an evening of playing at the McDonalds play ground we took him to the park, for some fun with Pawpaw.
Getting a little wild on the motorcycles.

Candice had her Christmas Craft party this weekend.  As usual we had such a lovely time together, eating goodies, catching up and crafting.  Candice gathered all the elements for us all to make a beautiful Christmas wreath.  She always goes above and beyond to make sure we all have such a nice time and leave with a special momento of our fun and crafty time together.  These are a few of the pictures I took.
Marie, Judy, Candice (and Jack), Amanda and Reg

Candice and Mandy have been friends since they were about 4 or 5 years old, they have grown into such beautfiul young women - so proud of them!  I have some very funny film footage of them when they were little girls at the resort.  When I got on the merry go round to film them playing at the park, they seized the opportunity to spin me around and would not stop even with threats of grounding them.  They just laughed and kept spinning and the camera kept rolling - I was so dizzy  - but it was so funny!    Don't be fooled by those beautiful angelic faces, they were a couple of pranksters.

Me and Reg
Reg and her beautiful wreath!  Notice the Mickey Ears??

I just love these times when we get together for fellowship and fun - thanks Candice for always being the perfect hostess (and craftess ;->) and for sharing your talents with us all, you are such a blessing!!!!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Candice and I try have lunch once a week.  We usually pick a place where Leo can play, sometimes our appetites over rule that idea, but for the most part we will choose a fun place he will enjoy.  Since the weather was so pretty today, Candice suggested we take him to Firewheel.  He loves the park, especially the walkway around the park area, where he can throw rocks in the little stream.  I asked him to give his mommy a kiss in this photo, thought it was so cute!!