Sunday, April 27, 2014

Springtime at HLR

After work on Friday, we hit the trail out to the ranch for some R&R - everything is so green and lush in east Texas, the weather was perfect for us, even the dark ominous sky's on Sunday afternoon were beautiful - I just love it!

We tried a new restaurant for breakfast Saturday morning, since the Fore Seasons doesn't open until brunch now; its called The Country Cafe, it was okay, but I think I can hold out until brunch next time at the Fore Seasons.  Having our coffee on the patio as the various birds stop by to play their symphony in the pine trees, is not a bad way to prepare for a meal.  After breakfast we hit a couple of garage sales - something else I never do in the city - its fun to visit with the residents and get the skinny on all the haps in the area, as well as pick up some bargains in the meantime.  Early that evening, we played a couple of rounds of mini golf and a few rousing games of ping pong - another opp for friendly conversation with the members - cool!  Too much playing and not enough picture taking leaves me with little evidence of those events, but that's just how I roll.

Chad, in deep concentration as he lines up his stroke :->

Yeah right Chad - we will just have to take your word for that hole in 1!

Slot car racing

Racing slot cars with the boys:
I think Jack is saying "cheese"

Jack in the box basket!

Easter Sunday

We were invited this Easter to Marie and Joel's for lunch and an Easter Egg hunt for the boys.  Some pic's I captured:
Candice and Jack

Clearly Leo needs to explain the gathering process to Jack

Real life moments - too cute!