Monday, September 23, 2013

Baby Jack - Proby

Jack is now 9 months old and growing so fast!  Matt snapped this picture of him at the Fire House Sub shop last weekend after church.  Such a little angel, sporting his firemans helmet and his brand new tooth!!

Little one when you play,
Don't you mind what they say.
Let those eyes sparkle and shine,
Never a tear,
Baby of mine
(Dumbo's Mom)

The first day of Fall

Friday night Leo spent the night with us, the next morning Chad took him to the neighborhood fire station to see the fire trucks. Leo was a little fearful of the strangers and the strange place, a little sleepy,  and not anxious to indulge in the firehouse offerings, so after a short visit and a promise to visit again when Leo is more awake,  they came home and got involved in another project. 

I was out trimming my ivy on the patio and Chad noticed a  tree growing through the fence, so while we were busy cutting that thing down, Leo, played in his sand table, and filled the plant containers with sand.  This is one of those times, he's just too cute to be corrected, besides thats his Mom and Dads job.  Clearly my job is to indulge him in all his little projects. :-)


Christie was in town, so she joined us for church and fun times on Sunday.  I was able to snag this picture of she and Chad:

It was aother lovely weekend; nice weather, great time of worship, time with the family, food, fellowship and fun watching Matt play hockey!  The good times continue to roll!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mom's Birthday 2013

Wow is it that time of year again?  Not only is this a happy occaision for us all to celebrate together, but it signals the beginning of the slide into the fun zone for the entire year, glad we could get together to honor Mom and celebrate more good times!  However, too much visiting and not enough picture taking leaves me with no visual assist of the event.  Fortunately I have a photographic memory and am prepared to give testimony of how it looked here; Jimmy and Cindy came as well as Robby and his family, Reg, Mom and me.  Unbeknown to Jimmy and Robby, all the guys were invited as optionals, not required - (you might have to be an admin to appreciate that kind of humor), but just for the record...they requested points for showing up.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day 2013 HLR

We took off Thursday after work and headed out to HLR for a long extended weekend.  Primarily we just relaxed and enjoyed the change of scenery.  We thought about going to Canton on Friday, but talked ourselves out of it when we realized it was well over 104 degrees outside; coupled with the fact that crowds, heat and dirt make me cranky, the whole idea became glaringly counter productive in light of the reason for  our getaway.  We decided to go to Gladewater instead, a small antique town with stores that are air conditioned and couples walk around hand in hand!  We found a few things we liked, and by the end of the afternoon, we decided to head back to the resort and fire up the grill.
Chad is so proud of his steaks, just had to get a picture of his elation!