Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines Day
We got to keep the boys last Saturday and I snapped the cutest picture of Jack, its a little fuzzy, but thought it was so sweet that I decided to send it out as a Valentine Card to the family - had a little trouble with that plan, but I eventually got the cards out, it will probably be late, but the picture was just too cute to not share with everyone.  He looks like he is waving at us - such a sweet baby!!  Leo is no slacker either - two beautiful little boys!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

After a pancake breakfast out on the patio and a walk by the lake, we drove over to Jacksonville to an animal preserve to enjoy the beautiful weather and see how the animals were getting along.
I really like the zebras - they are so photographic, I noticed their faces are always so pleasant. This guy was so kind to patiently wait for me to drop the nuggets on the ground.

The dear are in velvet - this one is lovely:

This guy has a huge horn span - he looks goofy with his nose in my window, turns out he bumped my car and made a slight ding in the door on Chads side of the car.  If it wasnt such a cool memory, I might be upset with him.

We timed our day so we would be able to make our dinner reservation at the elegant Bushmans Keipersol Estate in Bullard.  This is one of Chads favorite chop houses, everything they prepare is wonderful!  One visit we should visit the winery -  looks really interesting.  

Saturday, February 9, 2013

We had a wonderful time at Lake Palestine last weekend, in fact it was so lovely, we decided to claim it as our Ground Hog/Valentines celebration - let the inflexible romantics wait for tables on the actual date ;-> 

The weather was perfect and we followed the itenerary I planned with ease.  We didn't get away as soon as I had planned, but it still worked in our favor, because we beat the crowd and were able to check in and get the exact unit we wanted.  Ours faced the water and was more secluded than most.  Since we got to the unit earlier than usual, I opened the sparkling spumante and we sat on the patio and toasted the beautiful sunset, and the good time we anticipated!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Go Red For Women officially begins today, strangely enough it begins on Groundhog day - the day Chad and I have planned for our weekend get away at our resort near Tyler.  Waiting for him to come home now so we can take off.  Since I have this extra time on my hands I thought I would post.

One of the girls in my office snapped this picture of me this week.  I needed a place for it to land, so I posted it here so I can upload to Lync at work.