Sunday, November 9, 2014

Leo's Super Hero Birthday Party

This year's theme for Leo's 4th birthday party was Super Heroes - everyone from Batman, our honoree,  to Hulk showed up to celebrate, play in the bounce house, break the pinata and chow down on yummy cupcakes!
Leo preparing to blow out the candles on his birthday cupcakes 

Batman, Superman, Superboy and Tony Stark in the bounce house
Star Trek guy and Snidely Whiplash join the party.... well as Super Grandma and Disney World Visitor

Batman and his best girl - Wonder Woman

Superman taking his turn at the Pinata while Batman, Hulk, Superboy and various party onlookers watch

Happy Birthday Leo!!  We love you and praise God for you!!

Leo's last game of the season

One little, two little, three little Indians...

Celebrating their triumphant season, the Indians indulge in pizza and juice bags, let the good times roll!

Meanwhile, back in the stands, little brother Jack (22 months)  is making time with the ladies - such a little flirt!

Guess they both enjoyed the season!