Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Slumber Party

Friday night we got to have the boys over for a sleepover.  At bedtime, we turned on Mickey and Donald Christmas cartoons, then rolled out their new Mickey and Donald sleeping bags and let the good times roll.
These are some of the pictures I captured:

Ready for our Christmas slumber party!

All zipped up and ready for cartoons

Jack can barely keep his eyes open, but oh what fun we are having!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Introducing Abbie

This year,  we began our Thanksgiving celebration, with Candice and her family on Tuesday night, then we drove out to HLR Wednesday afternoon after Chad came home and spent the remainder of the week relaxing at the ranch.  Saturday, we were  able to connect with Casey and his little family in Shreveport, where we got to meet the newest member of our family, Abbie Danielle.

Casey, Abbie and April

She really liked PawPaw and the cool noises he can make, she was fascinated with his mustache

She's a beautiful, happy, healthy little girl, and they all look very happy together! 

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Leo's Super Hero Birthday Party

This year's theme for Leo's 4th birthday party was Super Heroes - everyone from Batman, our honoree,  to Hulk showed up to celebrate, play in the bounce house, break the pinata and chow down on yummy cupcakes!
Leo preparing to blow out the candles on his birthday cupcakes 

Batman, Superman, Superboy and Tony Stark in the bounce house
Star Trek guy and Snidely Whiplash join the party.... well as Super Grandma and Disney World Visitor

Batman and his best girl - Wonder Woman

Superman taking his turn at the Pinata while Batman, Hulk, Superboy and various party onlookers watch

Happy Birthday Leo!!  We love you and praise God for you!!

Leo's last game of the season

One little, two little, three little Indians...

Celebrating their triumphant season, the Indians indulge in pizza and juice bags, let the good times roll!

Meanwhile, back in the stands, little brother Jack (22 months)  is making time with the ladies - such a little flirt!

Guess they both enjoyed the season!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Indians VS The Rangers

Subtitled - An Exercise in Cuteness, or Who Cares if Your Winning the Game, As Long As You Are Cute On the Field

Leo is now playing Pee Wee Little League T-Ball.  We were unable to go to his first game, since we were out of town, but Candice texted us to tell us, that it didn't go well, (see her blog for the details).  Not to miss out again; we made definite plans to go watch him this week. This was the cutest thing - it looked like a field of  My Buddy dolls running around the baseball diamond in their adorable little uniforms!  But cute can only win these baseball games, if one team out cutes the other, or a powerhouse like Leo is on your team!

The pictures below capture the drama of the event, as told by his proud M.E. - the way I saw it!

Leo, sizing up the dreaded Rangers from the Indians dugout

Our hero; the first batter up, being escorted  to home plate
Last minute coaching from Dad, before his big swing
First batter, first hitter - heading for first base; while the Rangers are scrambling in the field for  his ball!
The crowd is amazed!!
And very proud!!
Leo, the conquering hero!

 I don't know the actual outcome of this game, that is, the score - who won or lost - but by golly, I look forward to the next game, just because they are so dog gone cute!  Go Indians!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last week...

 ...was a nice short work week; which we love!!  We got to spend some time with the kiddos.  Below, Jack and Leo with their AHA First Aid (fingers?) a freebie from work - now that I look closer I can see our old brand - Learn and Live - our new branding takes effect in November - Life is Why

Maybe they will be right handed, just noticing this as well.
At the end of the week, Chad and I escaped to Pleasantiville AKA the ranch in east Texas.  Chad thought I should learn how to use his spinning reel, so he demonstrated several times, how easy it is to catch fish with that tool.
" just cast it out like so...

...then you reel in the fish like so...

...then you reel in another fish like so...
...and that's pretty much all there is to it"!  Easy for him to say, nah - he really is a good instructor and very patient with me.  Cant remember how many times he had to reel in my line for me, since it kept getting stuck in the vegetation at the bottom of the lake.  I do think I can use the spinning reel now, maybe I will try again in November, when we venture out around Thanksgiving.

HLR was lovely and fragrant as usual, the temp was very comfortable.  I noticed the winds picking up after we had finished supper.  So we decided to hop up in bed and watch Cast Away while the storm raged outside, this was so comfy and cozy until we lost the power in our unit. I think we were only without power for an hour, but wow what a storm!  Even though we were safe and sound inside, my car was taking a beating out under the pine trees, once the storm died down a little Chad moved it for me, and noticed a limb had landed on the hood, denting it a little; sure hope HLR will take responsibility for it!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Nana!

This year, the former president of our party planning committee, Cindy Muse, planned our Mom's birthday party to be at Chuck E Cheese.  Now ordinarily this would be a reasonable request, if you are 6 years old!  Everyone showed up eager for the get together and the chance to spend a few hours with Mom and the family.
We all had a great time visiting, and made the unanimous decision to oust Cindy and install, anyone else, as our family party planning president.  BTW - Cindy is very happy to sunset her position, said it all went according to her plan. Man, outsmarted again!!

These are some of the pics I captured:

Candice and Nana

Me and Mom

Bodi's head, Cindy, Jimmy Valerie, Gunner and Nana

Laci, Ella, Valerie, Gunner and Nana

Great, Great Nana and Ella Blake - the newest baby in the family - Justin's baby

Axle and Kalan

Matt and Leo racing motor cycles

Jack and PawPaw

Bob, Reg, Kyle, Jaylen, Dravon and Nana

Happy Birthday Mom, and many more!  We love you and praise God for you!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maries Wedding Shower

While I am posting on the subject of Marie's Wedding - thought I would throw this pic in the mix, since it was in the folder as well.    This is Candice and Marie at her shower back in June.  Thought it was too pretty not to share.
Candice's gift, attached to the hand truck that the boys decorated for Joel

Popping Poppers with PawPaw

We got to bring the boys home with us after the wedding last night.  Before it became 150 degress outside today, we played baseball with them in the back yard, then Chad remembered the poppers - they love those things!
Patiently waiting for PawPaw to give them a popper to throw

Pulling Jack around on his tricycle, while Leo practices his swing

Marie and Joel's Wedding Aug 29

Yesterday we witnessed the wedding of Joel and Marie - it was lovely.  The setting was White Rock lake, around sunset.  The sky, when we first arrived, was colored in lovely shades of pink and blue; contrasting the Dallas skyline in the foreground.

Joel's Dad officiated - he did a really good job!  His text was based on The Wedding Song - I have a special affection for that song, since its one of the first pieces I learned to play on the guitar.  But he also told us, the author of the song received the lyrics and music as an answered prayer for a song for a friends wedding; the words come from Matthew 18:20 and Genesis 2:24, no wonder I am so drawn to it! 
Anyway - these were some of the pics I captured of that event... the way I saw it.

I will find out the name of the song that was playing and post it here, didn't realize Joel was singing along as they walked down the aisle.  

The Matt Charlson Family - such a beautiful family!
Okay, everyone lean in
Hmmm, an adjective describing an occupation, these wedding games are so tough - didn't know there would be a test!

The frosting is the best part!

Candice in conversation with someone

Listening to Matt as he reads the love chapter from I Corinthians 13:4... is patient, love is kind, it does not envy....

We all had a great time, and wish Joel and Marie many years of marital bliss.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Uncle Chuck 6/29/1928 - 8/12/2014

Today we gathered in Mid West City, Oklahoma with the Austin family to celebrate the home going of Uncle Chuck.  The ceremony as well as the graveside service was lovely - he was given full military honors -
 these are some of the pics I captured:

Charles Edward Austin AKA Uncle Chuck

My cousin Cathy receiving the flag while my cousin Carolyn looks on

This is the poem that was included in his memorial service handout entitled -  I'm Free

Don't grieve for me for now I'm free.  I'm following the path God laid for me.  I took His hand when I heard Him call, I turned my back and left it all.  I could not stay another day, to laugh to love, to work or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found that peace at close of day.  If my parting has left a void, then fill it with remembered joy.  A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, ah yes these things I too will miss.  Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow.  My life's been full, I've savored much, good friends, good times a loved ones touch.  Perhaps my time has seemed all too brief, don't lengthen it now with undue grief.  Lift up your hearts and share with me  God wanted me now He set me free.