Sunday, July 28, 2013

Wow - no posts since June! Someone has been preoccupied with living life, rather than posting about it :o) 

Lots of changes on my job in the last couple of weeks and I'm wrapping up on the transition but I'm looking forward to Employee Appreciation Week this week which will be followed by some much needed PTO in Atlanta, GA and the Blue Ridge Mountains to commemorate 36 years of marriage - maybe it will be cooler there, whatever, it will be another adventure on life's journey. 

Hope to have some great pics to post - taking a tripod this time, so we can both be present in our memories!  Interesting as I prepare to pack for the trip...

We just started a new Bible Study at work - Max Lucado's Traveling Light - Releasing the Burdens You Were Never Intended to Bear.  He refers to some of the spiritual baggage we carry, backpack of doubt, suitcase of guilt, duffel bag of weariness, etc.  Love it - so practical and well written - Max just never lets us down with his wisdom and wit - such an excellent voice to encourage and equip us on all of lifes journeys!

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