Monday, September 23, 2013

The first day of Fall

Friday night Leo spent the night with us, the next morning Chad took him to the neighborhood fire station to see the fire trucks. Leo was a little fearful of the strangers and the strange place, a little sleepy,  and not anxious to indulge in the firehouse offerings, so after a short visit and a promise to visit again when Leo is more awake,  they came home and got involved in another project. 

I was out trimming my ivy on the patio and Chad noticed a  tree growing through the fence, so while we were busy cutting that thing down, Leo, played in his sand table, and filled the plant containers with sand.  This is one of those times, he's just too cute to be corrected, besides thats his Mom and Dads job.  Clearly my job is to indulge him in all his little projects. :-)


Christie was in town, so she joined us for church and fun times on Sunday.  I was able to snag this picture of she and Chad:

It was aother lovely weekend; nice weather, great time of worship, time with the family, food, fellowship and fun watching Matt play hockey!  The good times continue to roll!!

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