Sunday, March 9, 2014

Springing Forward today!

So glad spring is just around the corner!  This week started with freezing rain and sleet, causing the National Center of AHA to close on Monday, fortunately this doesn't affect my dept or my job, we can work anywhere we can get an internet connection, so we all showed up at our home offices right on time, and the day progressed as usual.

Even though the roads were treacherous Chad's family was able to make it to Dallas with minor incident; the front bumper being the only casualty.  

I think they had a nice visit, they got to reconnect with us as well as some old friends.  I was able to capture a few pics while we were together.

Leo, Chad, Craig, Cassie, Matt, Candice and Jack

Chad, Cassie and Craig at Islamorada

Friday night dinner at Bass Pro

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