Saturday, June 7, 2014

What happened to May??

Wow - I thought this might happen, i.e. - get too busy living that I don't take time to post about it.

Candice and Matt just returned from their anniversary trip to Ireland.  They stayed in several castles in and around Dublin, this pic is one of my favorites!
What a great way to celebrate 10 years of marital bliss!!

While they were gone, we split up babysitting responsibilities among the grandparents, so they could enjoy their 10th anniversary on their own.   Judy took the first couple of days, then Chad took the next couple, then I took the last 3 days.  We had a really good time with the boys, even though it was exhausting -  they were both so good and sweet.  I'm just not used to chasing around preschoolers anymore, so its a challenge to stay energized.  I was able to grab my camera and capture a few pictures of them playing in our backyard

Leo hitting the ball into the tree, Casey standing by to release it from the branches.

Jack swinging in his car swing

Chad took the boys on an overnight camp-out in the backyard a couple of nights during his shift, he said they did great.  Leo was a little concerned about the shadow the neighbors fence was casting on the side of the tent, but Chad reassured him it was just a shadow.

After a great camping adventure, Jack is ready for his breakfast!

Candice celebrated her 30 birthday while in Ireland, so the boys made her birthday card signs, to show her when they made their evening video call on her big day.  I think they really enjoy crafting - that will work real well for Candice!

Finished with their signs for Mommy, its time for lunch!
Munching on popcorn - good times!
Leo playing Joker, his version

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