Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Catch and Release

This past weekend Chad and I fished while we were at Holly Lake.  I fished from the dock that extends out in the water from the shore.  I thought I was doing well, throwing my line out on my little Zebco almost half way out to the middle of the lake.  I was in the zone; casting it out and reeling it in - having a great time.  Suddenly my reel felt like it was jammed, it would not reel, when I looked out in the lake, I noticed this fish had jumped out of the water a time or two just where my line was.  Chad came over and was telling me, its not jammed, there is a fish on the line.  By the time I realized he might be right, the fish spit out my lure and was safely at the other end of the lake, counting his blessings.  His relief was short lived though, Chad caught him a few minutes later.

Chad holding my fish, the one that got away - I'm quite sure :-)
He caught his little brother the next day

My catch was a little different, I caught some sun on my shoulders and have a nice burn there now, as well as multiple chigger bites on my feet and ankles - that still itch today!  Do I know how to have fun or what?!?  Oh well, Chad had a great time!

When we were leaving, we saw that a few cars were stopped in the road by the golf course, when we got closer we saw that they were stopped to let the goose family cross the road to the other side, when I looked out my window to the right,  I saw a mother dear with her fawn walking to the edge of the road - that's just life at Holly Lake.

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