Saturday, August 30, 2014

Marie and Joel's Wedding Aug 29

Yesterday we witnessed the wedding of Joel and Marie - it was lovely.  The setting was White Rock lake, around sunset.  The sky, when we first arrived, was colored in lovely shades of pink and blue; contrasting the Dallas skyline in the foreground.

Joel's Dad officiated - he did a really good job!  His text was based on The Wedding Song - I have a special affection for that song, since its one of the first pieces I learned to play on the guitar.  But he also told us, the author of the song received the lyrics and music as an answered prayer for a song for a friends wedding; the words come from Matthew 18:20 and Genesis 2:24, no wonder I am so drawn to it! 
Anyway - these were some of the pics I captured of that event... the way I saw it.

I will find out the name of the song that was playing and post it here, didn't realize Joel was singing along as they walked down the aisle.  

The Matt Charlson Family - such a beautiful family!
Okay, everyone lean in
Hmmm, an adjective describing an occupation, these wedding games are so tough - didn't know there would be a test!

The frosting is the best part!

Candice in conversation with someone

Listening to Matt as he reads the love chapter from I Corinthians 13:4... is patient, love is kind, it does not envy....

We all had a great time, and wish Joel and Marie many years of marital bliss.

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