Monday, November 5, 2012

Galveston 2013

The family gathering in Galveston this year was wonderful.  The weather cooperated perfectly and the beach was beautiful - the resort is keeping the beach so tidy that Candice and I couldn't find enough sea shells to craft with - fortunately I brought my collection so we were able to use those for the Christmas Tree Angels we made. 

Leo turned two years old while we were there and we celebrated the evening at the Rain Forest Cafe - the food was not as amazing as the decor, but I think he had a great time, its a great place for kids.  We sat next to the elephant display, he really liked that.  When the rainstorm noises would begin, he would get quiet and  look up to see where the rain, thunder and lightning were coming from - it was so cute!!

I asked everyone to wear black shirts for our family picture this year and with just a little photo shopping it looks great!   Actually in the distance, there was a person behind Casey and a garbage can behind me - can you tell??

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  1. you did a good job :) it's not so hard, huh? I'll fix Leo's face when I get my photos from Matt's computer.