Saturday, March 16, 2013

Today was another beautiful pre spring day!  We drove up to Oklahoma so Nana could meet her newest great grandson, Jack Curtis.   Candice and I made a picnic lunch to take,  Ham and Cheese Quiche, Brocolli and Bacon Salad, Fresh Fruit and Pecan Pie.  The food, fellowship and time spent together was lovely as always.  Jack was such a little charmer, smiling and laughing and talking to Nana just like a little gentleman - while she held him.  Everything was going so well, until Mom got this shocked look on her face and stopped talking in midsentence.  Apparently Jack had taken his opportunity to christen his Great Nana - she was such a good sport about it, and was very relieved it was only a christening.


  1. I love the bottom pic - you should crop me out! ;)