Sunday, August 18, 2013

Matt's Hockey Game

Chad and I havent been to one of Matt's hockey games in such a long time, we decided to go and see him play tonight.

Jack, Candice and Chad at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center in Plano

Matt #00

Matt watching a play

Matt in a play

Prayer after the game - before might have been better....

Matt leaving the ice after the game

Leo watching the Zamboni after the game

Leo, Judy, Candice, Chad and Jack waiting for Matt after the game

Leo running around in the arena after the game - good times!!

Matt is such a natural athelete - this must be what makes him a great team player.  Understanding that each member of the team, win or lose, has value and is necessary to even compete.

Leo is already showing signs of being a good pitcher - he has the cutest little stance as he pitches line drives to PawPaw.

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