Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our 2013 Anniversary Trip

Atlanta was beautiful - the Swan house was lovely, we werent allowed to take pictures inside, so I snagged a few from the grounds: 

Back view of Swan house
Front entrance

After a day in Atlanta, we headed out to our base camp at Apple Mountain Resort.They gave us a unit that faced the woods since I requested something away from all the activities:

Entrance to the resort

Our unit was the last one on the right, top floor - thank goodness for the ramp!

Living room/dining/kitchen = cozy!  bedrooms are behind me in this shot...I guess they all look prety much alike.


Our first excursion was Saturday morning to Tallulah Gorge, 10 minutes away from the resort.

We hiked for about 3 miles through the park then took the stairs down to the bottom -
I think it was 531 steps each way.  The trip down is relatively easy, meaning you can take the stairs with ease as you walk and talk with relatives on the way down.  The trip back up is quite different, I would say it relatively brutal, meaning if one of those relatives tries to take your seat on one of the resting benches on the way back up, you might have to get brutal and throw them over the side.
the steps up to the trail to the gorge

The bottom of the gorge

the last deck at the base of the gorge

On Sunday we headed north beyond the gorge to North Carolina - we were told about a very scenic drive, with plenty of waterfalls to see.  The one pictured below is my favorite.

Cullasaja Falls
Dry Falls, unless you walk behind it, then its quite moist!

                      So much amazing scenery, everything was lovely, so glad we made the trip!

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