Monday, March 9, 2015

Is it spring yet???

This weekend Chad and I spent the weekend at the ranch, I wanted to see Mrs. Lee's Daffodil Garden in Gladewater while the flowers were in bloom, but the snow, sleet and ice last week was pretty hard on them, they were still lovely, but not as prolific as usual, many of them still had their little heads down as if they
were bracing for the cold.  I really like this place, its just acre after acre of yellow daffodils - such a peaceful drive through..

We did a little antiquing in Gladewater - was so glad to find 3 white ironstone cup and sauces of Innerpace to go with my collection, Chad found a Stock Market Bull all at St Clair, they usually have the winners - guess the trip was a hit. I left a little cabinet behind that I know now, I should have purchased - oh well, guess I'll have to go back.  That afternoon we headed over to Shreveport to have supper with Casey and his family.  Abbie sat across the table from me this time, she was so sweet in her little lacey pink dress and white maryjanes, clutching her baby doll.
Looks like her Dad!
She is still not too sure about me - whats that Casey been telling her ;->

Almost a smile - the straw in her mouth is keeping her happy at the moment.

It was so nice to see them - they look good and seem very happy - really makes the trip to the ranch even more fun now!!

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