Monday, March 9, 2015

Jacks 2nd Birthday - January 11

This year Jacks birthday party theme was baseball - and so much fun, Candice and Matt were in the middle of preparing to move into their new house, but that didnt curb the fun - they still came up with a great party for baby Jackers!  I think we all got him some kind of construction oriented gift - he really enjoyed that!
Blowing out the candle with his mommy!
Preparing for his career in construction
I can fix that for you!

One day he will trade in his bouncing pony for a real ride, but he's good for now.

He was so cute, Matt said the next morning when he got up for church, Jack was already up and in his little construction costume, helmet and goggles, ready for church!  So precious!  Happy Birthday Jack - we love you and praise God for giving you to us!!

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