Thursday, September 27, 2012

October is coming soon, and to my family that means its time for our annual family vacation trip to Galveston!  Soon Candice and I will start planning our beach craft that we will create to commemorate the trip, discuss meal ideas, plan daily excursion for the group and dinner recommendations for the nights we will venture into Galveston - planning is a fun part of the trip and has become an annual event.  In order to have a relaxing and fun trip, we work hard to think of cool things to see and do.  The guys are scheming about the shark they intend to catch - last year they kayaked the bait out, but that apparently gets pretty intense the further away you get from shore and the higher the waves get as the kayak is tossed around, so that idea is steeping slowly on the back burner, and new plans are being tossed around.  I especially like the one about the motorized model speed boat equiped with some type of bait release, could be fun to see if it would actually work. 

I will be reading the book Dark Water Rising to remind me about the 1900 hurricane that devestated the beautiful affluent city,  for a deeper appreciation of the area.


Another fun event we will celebrate, is Leo will be turning 2 years old!!  How is that possible, we just got him?!?  Actually his arrival was October 23, 2010.  Just doesn't seem that long ago.  I sometimes say that about his Mommy, seems like we just got her too ;->   Time sure fly's....

Leo with his Dolphin 2011
Breakfast on the patio - probably feeding the seagulls.

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