Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Nana!

This year, the former president of our party planning committee, Cindy Muse, planned our Mom's birthday party to be at Chuck E Cheese.  Now ordinarily this would be a reasonable request, if you are 6 years old!  Everyone showed up eager for the get together and the chance to spend a few hours with Mom and the family.
We all had a great time visiting, and made the unanimous decision to oust Cindy and install, anyone else, as our family party planning president.  BTW - Cindy is very happy to sunset her position, said it all went according to her plan. Man, outsmarted again!!

These are some of the pics I captured:

Candice and Nana

Me and Mom

Bodi's head, Cindy, Jimmy Valerie, Gunner and Nana

Laci, Ella, Valerie, Gunner and Nana

Great, Great Nana and Ella Blake - the newest baby in the family - Justin's baby

Axle and Kalan

Matt and Leo racing motor cycles

Jack and PawPaw

Bob, Reg, Kyle, Jaylen, Dravon and Nana

Happy Birthday Mom, and many more!  We love you and praise God for you!!

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