Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Indians VS The Rangers

Subtitled - An Exercise in Cuteness, or Who Cares if Your Winning the Game, As Long As You Are Cute On the Field

Leo is now playing Pee Wee Little League T-Ball.  We were unable to go to his first game, since we were out of town, but Candice texted us to tell us, that it didn't go well, (see her blog for the details).  Not to miss out again; we made definite plans to go watch him this week. This was the cutest thing - it looked like a field of  My Buddy dolls running around the baseball diamond in their adorable little uniforms!  But cute can only win these baseball games, if one team out cutes the other, or a powerhouse like Leo is on your team!

The pictures below capture the drama of the event, as told by his proud M.E. - the way I saw it!

Leo, sizing up the dreaded Rangers from the Indians dugout

Our hero; the first batter up, being escorted  to home plate
Last minute coaching from Dad, before his big swing
First batter, first hitter - heading for first base; while the Rangers are scrambling in the field for  his ball!
The crowd is amazed!!
And very proud!!
Leo, the conquering hero!

 I don't know the actual outcome of this game, that is, the score - who won or lost - but by golly, I look forward to the next game, just because they are so dog gone cute!  Go Indians!!

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